My Lady Killer Son !

18th January,2014
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11.15 A.M

Lady killer? Don't call me that ! I can imagine my son screeching when he reads this (I know mothers are supposed to be angelic,but we too have to have some fun moments when we invest so much in terms of emotions and personal effort!) .

Well,this whole thing started when my elder son was still a toddler.When after a lot of haggling he would dress up smartly I would say wow! what a Lady Killer you are going to be.The idiom stuck in our talk for years and gradually it struck me how easily, just my timing of its usage and the tone used, conveyed and let sink in its meaning.

I think this was a starting point for my little success story about how we can enrich a child's language and hence communication skills. If we try to consciously but seamlessly insert  phrases (idioms and other) in our talk (might be any language) it's going to serve the dual purpose of helping him/her at school along with the obvious one of improving communication skills.My thought process encouraged me to go ahead and the small successes I achieved egged me on .By the time my younger son started school ,I was confident enough to have his group of friends around me, with me narrating stories- some funny,some scary- full of idioms such as 'I jumped out of my skin' ,'uncrowned king','a long face' and 'its raining cats and dogs' complete with actions and expressions.

At this stage I would like to mention a book which years ago made a good beginning point for guiding new entrants into the skill-Fun with idioms-Published by Learner's Press (P) Ltd.(a four part book set).Of course, now there is the INTERNET and the Google making our life easier .So I think it is going to be extraa... easy to incorporate idioms/phrases and stories of their origin into your kids lives.
I came across another useful book in the same genre -Dictionary of Idioms and Phrases,Saying Expressions by Scholastic Publications.

I leave you to enjoy the weekend with the Apples of your eyes while I go and Mend bridges with my Lady killer.

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