Creating cherished memories -A birthday celebration or a teaching lesson in action ?

Hi. My first post on this blog is for all mothers - the young ones and the young at heart ones too.Well , being a mother is already a roller coaster ride , even without worrying about 'how and when to teach your child what' and in what manner? I would like to share with you a ritual which became a learning tool, a life-long cherished memory for the family and a fantastic fun way to start a birthday for my children.

Ever since my children became aware of the world around them I wanted them to have birthdays which they would not ever forget ( I think all mothers secretly wish for their child to associate them with at least one particular cherished memory) .Well my wish kept on troubling me and the D-Day -the Birthday of my first born was fast approaching. I knew, rather than buying a single expensive gift I wanted to give him (my son) several small things of his liking .So here I was with my treasure of gifts ( a pom-pom, a funny faced teddy and so on) standing ,still wondering what to do .Suddenly I had a creative flash -literally or was it a shower of ideas?

I just knew what I had to do.Here is what I did.I made a treasure hunt of all the gifts I had
(nine or ten) for my son .The questions in the treasure hunt served as brain teasers for him.They tested his previous knowledge and  linked it with things new, thus helping him augment  his rapidly growing knowledge bank .The joy of finding each treasure after a struggle added a new dimension to the learning process.The added advantages of the whole family being involved in a fun activity created unforgettable memories.

The birthdays of both my sons till date start with  first , our loving wishes and then THE TREASURE HUNT early in the morning. The fun starts with the Birthday boy's eyes being closed and his being taken to the first clue ,which of course is the easiest one and the first treasure almost always being a coveted eatable.After such a wonderful morning there is the whole Birth-Day waiting to be enjoyed and feeling special.

Here's wishing all mothers a wonderful time with their children.

PS-In case help is required with the treasure hunt, kindly contact the author.

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