A Book Hospital

10th January 2014
1.40 P.M  IST

It seems, the Book bug,is not going to leave me yet.So here we go again. I am back with another tried and tested trick for making children value their books.I have tried it both in a school library for kids and in the home setting too .Children are obsessed with role plays like playing house - house, teacher-teacher and of course not to forget  doctor - doctor.
So let us give children a chance of doing just that i.e. play doctor. Make a  Book Hospital -A small recycled carton decorated with cartoons and a Plus sign would do.Keep a Book First Aid box -complete with adhesive,masking and sallow tape , binders,scissors etc- near it. Encourage children to put a hurt  book
into the book hospital for repair later on .Smaller injuries can be taken care of by children themselves using the Book First Aid Box.
The entire exercise has all the academic advantages of a role play, in addition to teaching children that -
  • Books are precious-so handle with care
  • Discipline regarding keeping things in proper place
  • New vocabulary 
Most important- the success of the strategy depends again on your execution of it.The more excited and enthusiastic  you are about it the more responsive children you will have.

Cheerio till the next post!
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