A game a day keeps the blues away!!!

16th January 2014
7.20 a.m

Going through my educator's memorabilia  today, I came across some things carefully wrapped and put away in a 'Potli': the ubiquitous 'jhola' of  a magician called the 'teacher'. Feeling as if I was at least Sorcar Jr, I juggled my way through what not, till my hand felt a pack of cards.

Here comes the ace about which I want to talk today.I came across the mentioned pack of cards while going through stalls in a Book Fair in Delhi last year.It's not actually a pack of cards but a tool to help kids learn, revise and recall proverbs using the format of a very popular card game for kids .I have fond childhood memories of playing the game called 'Chaadar' in hindi ( the cards are spread like a bed sheet).Using card matching games as teaching aids in schools is not new ,but coming across it in such a kid friendly format without looking gaudy, as the lots of so called educative games flooding the market  are, was a very pleasant surprise.Easy access for parents is the plus point .Of course I just had to buy it and I ended up buying several other products by the same organisation too.

However, I will talk about them later .Right now I must say that I have played the mentioned game 'Fun with proverbs' by traveller kids myself, a number of times with my nephew Siddharth and seen the results. Excellent, I thoroughly endorse the product however I would be happier if the pricing of some of their products would be a little less.Anyway it IS money well spent.

Coming back to idioms, phrases and proverbs, I cannot stop myself from talking about what I did to make a certain set of kids very adept at using certain idioms and phrases in their common communication .This, was at an age when they did not even know them as idioms and phrases.
I will be back with my little success story in my next post.

So it's ciao for now.

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