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New Year Gifts For Your Child

When I look back on my childhood and think of vacations or birthdays and other such occasions I don't seem to remember much, the gifts given by my parents to me .Rather, what I do remember is what they said to me or did on certain occasions and in some trying situations, or what life skills  I have imbibed by just unknowingly observing them.  I remember instances - when they made me believe that failure is actually  an opportunity in disguise, when my father  wrote a certificate on his  proper letter head recognizing my effort of making tea for him for the first time or him making it a point to talk General Knowledge  to us kids - with us all sprawled on the mattresses spread on the floor for sleeping on the roof top gazing at the night sky  with stars shining and winking at us,which itself is a highly unheard of thing in today's times! My reflections have confirmed my belief  that even in today's times when 'google' is the answer to all that is unkno

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