Colour their world!

Colour their world

Well, it took busy body me a long time (around 12 days ) to be back with my promised post after Ashtami, the Kanya Pooja day. Here I am with memories of lots of halwa puri, a day well and meaningfully spent and lots of smiles, some wows and shining eyes.Before I recount my story let me take you back to my previous post .Here is an excerpt from my post -


In one of her roles, a girl, in the later part of her life is seen as Saraswati --the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom – the first Guru of her children. This year while on search for gifts which I would give to little princesses on  Kanya Pooja day, my thoughts went from wanting to bring a smile of fascination and joy to their faces, to, in some way helping them move on the path of knowledge and wisdom.
While browsing through the net, the need and importance for developing a scientific temper in kids right from the beginning struck me- as science  will  and already has started becoming a way of life rather than just being a subject of study  - . Yes, what better than something, which along with fascinating them raised their curiosity and made them stop and ask why? .

So as I mentioned, I had settled on my gifts and was all set for the special day.The day, which began with my preparing prasad went on to become a very happy one with my exciting wait for the cute little girls dressed in their finery ,moving on to the high point -that of giving them a colourful plate each along with the star attraction a kaleidoscope for each one of them.The rest is an absolute wonder to watch rather than read. So I will keep it short and let the pictures do the talking.

...I am sure the picures did more than talk an made you all want to be the ones bringing on such inquisitive smiles .So I leave you all to think,think and think what would your next Ashtami be like....

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