Gifts for ‘Kanjaks’-Kanya Pooja

The Navratri festival with all its fun,festivity, garba and  piety  is back  and so is Maa Durga. The worship of the Goddess Shakti in all its forms and Kanya Pooja are important parts of this festival. In a way Kanya pooja celebrates the manifestation of various forms of Devi Maa  in the course of the life of a girl.
In one of her roles, a girl, in the later part of her life is seen as Saraswati --the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom – the first Guru of her children. This year while on search for gifts which I would give to little princesses on  Kanya Pooja day, my thoughts went from wanting to bring a smile of fascination and joy to their faces, to, in some way helping them move on the path of knowledge and wisdom.
While browsing through the net, the need and importance for developing a scientific temper in kids right from the beginning struck me- as science  will  and already has started becoming a way of life rather than just being a subject of study  - . Yes, what better than something, which along with fascinating them raised their curiosity and made them stop and ask why?
There and then I decided to add on one such gift promoting a love for acquiring  knowledge and learning in addition to whatever prasad and gift like a thali or a box for  each kanjak (little girl).
I know these days with many a time both working parent scenario it is difficult to even  find kanjaks at the right time ,so we end up giving these maybe to a temple to distribute. Wherever we give, from whatever section of society they are I think the importance of the above cannot be negated.
Some argue that some children  would not like or would not use them as they value only food and toys. Well the idea is to introduce them to the world of knowledge and encourage them to learn. Search for things as simple and inexpensive as a slate or a fancy pen set or small books ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..

My Kit Bag of Gifts for Kanjaks

Below is some of what I found to be very apt:

  • ·      Kaliedoscope:  Fun magic Kaliedoscope

I was highly impressed by the simple availability of an application of such a physics concept .
Pack of 12 available on at -

Cost –Rs 780/- for the pack
  • (A78) Pack of 10 Fun with Magnet. Gift for 10 kids. Presentation/Demonstration Skill Builder. Return Gift.  Available at:

Cost: Rs 505/- for a pack of 10 sets

·     Sunny Kaleidoscope - Multicolour
3 to 10 Year, 3 x 3 x 14 cm, 
Watch constantly changing patterns Product ID:1364946 

Cost: Rs 52.44 each
·    Smiles Creation Magic Rainbow Spring – Multicolor
 Other than getting familiar with the colour range  it helps kids develop their hand-eye coordination.
3 to 8 Years, 7 x 7 x 7 cm,
Cost Rs 26.13
Available at:

The above is just a glimpse of choices available .What is required, is just your will and sacrifice of some thoughtful time. Even if you feel that, the parents of all recipients won’t make the effort to further the cause of importance of knowledge acquisition by their daughters, the effort is worthwhile as it is a beginning in the right direction.Needless to say it is going to push your kids too in the right direction -in every way!

There is no end to ways and means of doing our bit for the society to ensure a bright future for the girls and worship Goddess Durga at the same time. So instead of excuses find a way out!

Note: This is not a sponsored post .The idea struck the author’s busy-body  observing mind  after not one but many fine days spent in the company of sweet little girls all around! She is already ready  with her gifts ,waiting excitedly for the reactions of her little guests. Are you too?

Will be back with the reactions of the little ones and some pics  after Ashtami. So it is au revoir  till then.

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