This year on Teachers' day !


Teachers' day this year brought not only good cheer and wishes for me but also hammered in the fact that many of my students are being fondly wished by their students on the occasion.Mixed emotions of pride and disbelief raced across my mind. Well, age has caught up as it had to!
 Now that I have more than 20 treasured years with children of all ages behind  me, I have no ego or shame in accepting that the profession chosen by my parents for me (for whatever reasons they had) and reluctantly accepted by me  was and is THE one for me.My journey so far, has been one of discovering myself and sometimes even surprising myself at what I found I could do.I doubt any other pursuit would have given me so much joy and never ending simultaneous sense of quest and satisfaction.
The reason such musings crossed my mind today is a piece of writing I came across while browsing the net.It says:
10 Reasons Why India Needs To Reclaim Its Teachers
The post goes on to say ...
10 people from all walks of life were asked to give  10 reasons on why we need to elevate the status of the teaching profession in India.The reasons given  included among others:

  •  The single most important factor affecting student achievement is the caliber of her teachers.
  • We don't want to be tagged as a nation with the highest population of illiterate adults.
  • Good teachers imply great opportunity and a better future.

Of course a profession which teaches all other professions needs to be given its due and everything required to be done to make it a profession of choice must be done.Without going into what needs to be done and how,I would like to point out that one thing, we teachers also need to keep in mind and revisit this teachers' day.

Learning, be it of the academics or life skills or etiquette or attitudes ...   being at the heart of the teacher student relationship, does imply that we as teachers are constantly teaching by our voice in the class room, by our attitudes, by our views and means of expressing them, by our EQ and our sense of right and wrong,in fact, by our entire demeanour at all times and the learning too is taking place constantly.We not only need to watch our way but also be on the constant path of learning and relearning.

The thirst for knowing more,for learning more is what makes and did make my journey,as I moved ahead in my profession a very exciting one.All my gratitude goes to my parents for instilling in me the spirit of learning and making me realise the importance of learning how to learn rather than just learning itself .
Wishing all teachers a learning and a happy year ahead!

Image credits -

John Hattie,Visible Learning

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