ek tha bachpan!

Witnessing a programme which I had the privilege to watch this evening, not only gave me a ray of hope and happiness but also brought to the fore an issue close to my and I think most educationists' hearts.Hence, this unscheduled post  came into existence.The issue -that of loss of childhood-the bachpan of our precious children, due to our over zealousness and  unrealistic expectations from children.

The mentioned programme titled aptly 'reality show', showcased and mourned the loss of the 'bachpan' of the lone child of a family due to the parents unrealistic demands of attending innumerable classes -dance,music,drawing,vedic maths,.............(the list is virtually endless) on the child's time and expecting perfection in all of them along with academics.The show went on to portray the parents' wish to compete in their social circle on the basis of their child's achievements ultimately leading to the child's failure -in their eyes- to achieve success in either and goading the child into indecision as to  run away or stay and face the music.The child loses her innocence,her pleasure in activities like dancing, making her focus rather on success.This particular child, is saved as parents see sense and realise how multifaceted their daughter is and how she is capable of achieving things she likes at her own pace and of her liking.She definitely will make her place in the world.

The issue, is not new nor are the related programmes organised to showcase it. What is new is to have witnessed such a programme outside the school premises and organised by I must say 'super moms' who unexpectedly have understood what is being taken away from their kids.I am sure I don't need to say more regarding the issue as even some parents understanding the above and getting out of the mad race will surely be harbingers of change.

I end my post by saying that just  being home makers or sit at home cooking moms doesn't diminish your accomplishments one bit ,so don't put yourselves down by telling your child that "you also want to only cook food sitting at home?". Being a home maker  only requires being a super woman and mom !

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