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Today is the day when Vasant Panchami has quietly ushered in the spring season and we join our hands in reverence to Goddess Saraswati,the Goddess of intellect and learning.We cannot forget today of all days, the role played by a teacher in the teaching- learning process.

In this regard, my mind goes back to what I underwent while preparing the school magazine of the school where I was teaching.  I have given below a part of an article written by me, at the time, recounting it.

...The ground moved from beneath my feet and my very foundations shook(literally). I will not keep the readers in suspense any longer.It was the first class magazine(a section of class XII) I opened, which caused this havoc.The appropriately titled section 'School Life' caught my seeking(hunting for articles eye).My eyes shone and my brain tuned on to the high alert position.Well ! well ! article number one- 'Back Benchers'-Hmmm...interesting ! article number two(hold your breath !here comes the SHAKER !) -Only Students...Why Not Teachers???(Catchy isn't it?)
I started reading the painful story of a student,moving about in school wishing teachers whole day (sometimes even wishing the same teacher twice or thrice),hoping at least a few will reciprocate or accept the greeting by maybe a nod of the head, if not by a verbal response.His agony going to the extent of making him conduct a survey in which out of 100 greetings called out by him only 20 received a smile, 19-a nod and merely 6-a verbal response.
I went from a state of curiosity to anxiety regarding the identity of the last six.The next moment had me smiling confidently,as I was sure of my being one of them(I take great pride in my ever present nods and smiles).Perhaps I relaxed too soon(high hopes?).As I turned the page heavens fell and earth moved !!! I started going through the list of favourites (who responded the best).Names went on ticking by, but I was yet to find my name. Well it was NOT there.Serves me right I thought...

The above made me realise how we teachers sometimes busy in our work become so preoccupied with ourselves only and barely notice THE most important people in school, passing by us.We forget that our smile,our facial expression, our enthusiasm and our positive attitude can sometimes alter a day, maybe even the life of a child.

Wish you all a very happy Vasant Panchami !

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